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Can you develop responsive designs for smartphones?
Yes, we can. Please confirm prices here.
Can you take urgent requests?
Yes, we can, however, speedy delivery times will incur separate fees, apart from the base fee.
Please contact us for details.
How much can jQuery be supported within the base fee?
Standard functions or utilities such as slider, Lightbox, smooth scroll, accordion menu etc. are available within the base fee. Complex functions or utilities are also available, but estimates will be made separately. Please contact us for details.
Is it possible to design and code a smartphone or responsive design website just from looking my current PC website?
Basically, we would prefer to have the design data for smartphones, but in some cases we can do program-coding for smartphones or responsive design websites from viewing the PC website.

Design & Data

What is the design data format when uploading?
Illustrator / Photoshop.


What is the payment method?
Credit card payment with PayPal, or we accept bank transfers.