logo jQuery specified, no service charges."Cocomachi Coding LABO", offers simple & easy-to-understand pricing for Coding as a Service


About Coding LABO


Features of Coding LABO and Strengths

  • Estimates

    わかりやすい 料金設定
    A simple price with no service charges
  • Program-coding

    • jQuery 標準対応
      Standard designs can be accomplished within the base fee
    • 柔軟な 修正対応
      Flexible support, including program-coding modifications
    • その他の業務にも フル対応
      Providing design and program-coding together
  • Customer Support

    1年間の 安心保証
    Minor modifications can be done free of charge for up to a year

When you are short-staffed or dealing with an urgent project, we can deliver quickly!

Please contact us first!

Services and Pricing – details


Delivery, Business Flow, Coding Policies – details


Our Achievements

Coding LABO mainly deals with the following four project patterns.

  • Small Website Coding+CMS
  • LP Coding
  • Medium-Large Website Coding
  • WordPress and Customization

Please contact us individually for more specific details on our performance record.