logo jQuery specified, no service charges."Cocomachi Coding LABO", offers simple & easy-to-understand pricing for Coding as a Service


Are you having problems because of too much time spent program-coding?

As the expertise required for HTML coding increases day by day,
the workload on web designers who also serve as programmers is increasing day by day.

Leave all the work to us at Coding LABO

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    A Simple Price, from 65 USD / Page

    Easy-to-understand Pricing

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    Flexible Services

    Our extensive experience in software development allows us to respond flexibly

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    Our Abundant Experience

    We can handle anything from program-coding to CMS design

When you are short-staffed or dealing with an urgent project, we can deliver quickly!

Please contact us first!

Our Achievements

Coding LABO mainly deals with the following four project patterns.

  • Small Website Coding+CMS
  • LP Coding
  • Medium-Large Website Coding
  • WordPress and Customization

Please contact us individually for more specific details on our performance record.